Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It is nice to see a story that gives some respect to the soul artist of the world, though that is not why they do what they do. Real soul artist slip in and out of the shadows to drop into a unused pool, carve lines down a backcountry slope or get tubed in some unknown barrel. They give up everything to experience that feeling that cannot really be described or captured, though many try. I got my first clay wheel skateboard in the late 60’s as something to do when the waves weren’t happening, which wasn’t that often in Hawaii. I’ve been a soul surfer for most of my life staying just ahead of the whitewater of people who want to steal my waves, culture, and lifestyle but are not willing to pay their dues. A lot of soul artist have turned to selling their art to popular culture so they can be a artist all the time. Can’t really blame them, though they are causing the death of the true soul artist by exposing the masses of media programmed posers to that unknown world the soul artist needs to thrive. Most soul artist don’t want anyone to know about their unknown culverts, slopes and waves. They live on the fringe patiently waiting for those perfect condition that allows them to push the limits of their art form. They leave no evidence of their art and do not get paid for it because that attracts attention to their undiscovered canvas. Yet, they learn things about life and reality that most of humanity has missed. Most soul artist start when they are young idealist, and know no limits. Most have to give it up for the jobs, family, religions, material possessions and other beliefs that define “grown up” human behavior to become part of the problem of over population, culture wars, WMDs, materialism and pollution that will probably cause our extinction. Timothy Leary said in the early 60’s that surfers, who started it all, were the next step in human evolution. I don’t know about that , but it can’t be worst then the deathbowl we humans are heading for now. Soul artist like Kessler live every moment like it’s their last, cause you never really know when your going to get stung.

— Sanmanmaui

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